Connect AP to the TIP OpenWiFi Controller v2.4

Hi. Could anybody help me with an openwifi 2.4 installation? The controller has been installed successfully. However, the AP could not be detected on the controller dashboard. I used the “LB deployment with self-signed certificates” method for installation. I copied the restapi-ca.pem file from the project installation to /etc/ssl/cert.pem on the AP. I then change the /etc/hosts on the AP with the following: “ openwifi.wlan.local ucentral.wlan.local”, where the IP is the ethernet address given to the controller when connecting the AP. I am looking forward to your reply.


Hi folks.
We’re facing the same issue. We’re running OpenWiFi in docker containers and We have ECW5211L and EAP101 connected to that device. Do we have a documentation about the integration procedure?

Hello, @sevendi & @regis.dantas

Sorry for the late reply. We are now back to the Edgecore OpenWiFi User Forum.
I’m Nick Ho of the Edgecore Technical Support Team Taipei Office.

We understand how it feels. The TIP uCentral OpenWiFi deployment might be a little difficult and frustrated.

Are you still there? If you still need assistance with it, we can have a remote session to guide you through it.
We could also make an instruction material for everyone’s references. It helps to make TIP more friendly and easier.

Feel free to reach us.

Nick Ho
Edgecore Technical Support Team Taipei Office