How do I change IgniteNet Sunspot AC2600 firmware to the latest TIP Open-WiFi firmware

How do I change an IgniteNet Sunspot AC2600 (SS-W2-AC2600) that came with IgniteNet firmware to the latest TIP Open-WiFi firmware?

Hello, @TIPnewbee.

There is a page about AC2600 in the TIP Confluence.

But it says that you need to get the TIP SKU AC2600, which means IgniteNet SunSpot AC2600 might not be able to flash/cross-brand upgrade into TIP OpenWRT SKU.

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If there is anyone who needs to upgrade the AC2600 from ecCloud firmware to TIP firmware, there is a way which we manufacture in the factory.

But it is advanced techniques. If making a mistake, it would brick the AP, and we might not bring it up with the console.

@TIPnewbee, we would recommend contacting for remote guidance. And make sure the sales representative agrees to do so under the warranty policy.

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