How to upgrade TIP OpenWiFi AP NOS on Edgecore TIP sku AP?

How can I upgrade Edgecore TIP AP to the latest TIP OpenWiFi firmware?

  1. Will need to be a member for the TIP WIFI, as for how to join TIP WIFI, please refer this article.

Once register, please join “Open Converged Wireless Project”, please then click “Atlassian” to join TIP Confluence.

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Once approved, visit the TIP Confluence forum with the link below to find the access to TIP firmware repository.

Find your TIP-supported devices, such as ECW5211-L, and visit the “trunk/” file.

TIP RD teams put the official Release Candidates (RC) firmware in the trunk/ file. Download the latest Release Candidate (RC) firmware to upgrade your TIP device.

The upgrade procedure varies from different devices and different vendors. You can find instructions from the TIP Confluence forum.