Introducing CloudSDK 2.0

OpenWrt new management and telemetry model uCentral has been adopted for Open WiFi 2.0. In this system a single websocket exists per device to the cloud. TIP has developed CloudSDK 2.0 as the reference point to validate compliance to both Open WiFi 2.0 and uCentral.

For those familiar with OpenWrt, at the heart of the operating system configuration is the Unified Configuration Interface (UCI). All device configuration logic is passed through UCI which also includes a number of validation steps. From a provisioning perspective, uCentral for TIP Open WiFi 2.0 brings Cloud programmatic provisioning and control to all Open WiFi - OpenWrt devices by normalizing configurations into JSON data structures, handling these at massive scale to deployed devices.

TIP CloudSDK 2.0 is a simple Docker container with support for:
• OpenAPI northbound
• uCentral web-socket southbound
• Local db option
• Firmware management
• Device provisioning


Source: OpenWiFi 2.0 - Open Converged Wireless - Confluence (