What is TIP CloudSDK vs. EcCloud

What are TIP CloudSDK and EcCloud?

What is the difference?

Which one works with TIP?

Thank you.

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Hello, @TIPnewbee.

To begin with, there are three cloud services.

About Telecom Infra Project (TIP), the Open Networking promotes the idea that there is Open Source CloudSDK and daily build device firmware. The Open platform breaks the wall between different hardware vendors. It allows vendors to comply with the CloudSDK for users to manage together.

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Back to your question.

We would say that ecCloud works with not only Edgecore devices but also TIP Open Networking devices (uCentral).

Edgecore provides a range of access points that comes preinstalled with TIP’s Open AP software that offers users an open platform for further customization. From SMB to MDUs to larger venues, Edgecore TIP-ready access points and the integration between ecCLOUD and CloudSDK solutions can meet various usage and requirements.

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